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George E. Claffey III

Certified Master Teacher with the US Golf Foundation and named one of the top professionals by the World Golf Foundation. He teaches golfers of all ages and abilities.

George has a kind, passionate, and patient soul. His humanitarian efforts reach all the way to the Philippines. Kids and adults adore his wonderful joyful and tender personality.

Fun Fact: George plays professional croquet and travels to some of the most beautiful landscapes and gardens to play in tournaments.



David Gunas Jr.

AKA "Barefoot Dave" played in the Golf Channel's hit TV series "The Big Break" for 3 seasons. He's known for one of the best short games on planet Earth and has a record score of 58 (12 under par).


Dave has a huge heart and has donated much of his time teaching all ages and helping others in need.

Fun Fact: He is the organizer of the  Barefoot Putting Challange with proceeds benefiting Brilliant Minds an organization that helps children with autism and disabilites



Golf Lessons

Looking to improve your swing?
Maybe it's your short game that needs some tweaking?
Or you might be a beginner and want some pointers on how to begin?
We have two fantastic pros that give lessons right here at Torza's Golf.
Both have outstanding backgrounds and high success ratings!
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