In the MISCHIEF GOLF card game, players are dealt 3 cards at the start of a round of mini golf. Throughout the round, players will have opportunities to play cards on thermselves or their opponents. These cards enhance the play of the game creating a fun and competitive round of mini golf like you have never experienced before.  Every hole players draw more cards, so there are always 3 cards in your hand to choose from. Because of the wide variety of cards included, no 2 games are ever the same.


Includes between the hole mini-games to pass the time in line!


Rental Card Game per Group - $3.00

Monday - Friday
3 PM - Dusk
Saturday & Sunday ONLY
Noon - Dusk

The 18 hole mini golf course wanders through gardens, rock formations, fountains and a waterfall.


With the unique design of the course, it has two ways to play, pro and armature, making it a great way to bring the entire family together.


We have introduced
MISCHIEF GOLF this year!

What is MISCHIEF GOLF you ask?

It is literally a NEW spin on miniature golf. We've added 3 spinners to the course for you to try. If you like them, rent the card game next round!

Mini Golf - $6.00

Mischief Card Rental - $3.00


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