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I'm in the parking lot, where is the golf shop?
If you see Taphouse 150, you are in the right spot.
Torza's Golf is located behind the main building.
Once you follow the path to the bays, turn left and follow to the back of the building.
What are the driving range hours?
You can find our current hours on the Contact Page.
Please note that if the weather has slowed the days business considerably (high winds, torrential down pour...)
we reserve the right to close the shop early. The ball dispensor is available at anytime.
Can I golf before or after operating hours?
We have a golf ball dispensor which dispenses small, medium, and large baskets.
It takes credit cards, Goole/Apple Pay, Billy Bucks, or exact change ($6, $10. $12)
Do you rent golf clubs?
We have golf clubs available to use with any purchase of a bucket of balls.
We do have adult drivers and children's clubs you can ask for in the golf shop.
We ask that the adult drivers and childrens's clubs be returned after use.
Do you have a grass area?
We do.
We have a non-member grass area and a member grass area.
Do you have a practice putting green?
We have that, too!
We have an astro turf putting green for non-members.
We have a natual grass putting green for members.

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What is included with a seasonal membership?
All memberships include use of the membership area.
ONLY members have access.
The membership area includes a premium grass tee line, chipping green,
natural turf putting green and two practice sand bunkers.
There are 3 different Memberships to suit your individual needs.
Is a bucket membership really worth it?
That's really for you to answer.
Take a look below for some help in your answer.
This is where that math pays off.
How much is the Standard Membership?
The Standard Membership is $75 for the entire year.
That's .45 cents per "season" day.
How much is the Gold Membership?
The Gold Membership gives you one medium basket per day from April 1 to September 30.
The price changes monthly as it is prorated. If you buy it before the season starts you can save considerably.
If you plan on coming to the driving range more than twice a week, you'll bank.
How much is the Platinum Membership?
The Platinum Membership gives you UNLIMITED baskets per day from April 1 to September 30.
The price changes monthly as it is prorated. If you buy it before the season starts you can save considerably.
If you plan on hitting two or more large baskets per week, you'll make your money back and then some.
Is there a guest fee for the members area?
Our members pay a premium price to use the membership area.
They pay to use the premium practice greens.
They are also paying for amble practicing space, a quiet setting, and a small argricultural footprint.
Whether your guest is a playing or non playing guest, the guest fee is applicable.
Do you have Memberships at a family rate?
Family members must all live in the same household, photo ID required for address varification.
1st member pays full price and then each additional member pays a discounted price.
We do not have family memberships for our Gold or Platinum.

Where do I pay for miniature golf?
When the bright blue miniature golf shack DOES have an OPEN flag, please make your purchases there.
When the miniature golf shack DOES NOT have an OPEN flag flying, please make your purchases at the golf shop.
Do you host special events and birthday parties?
We do! Please email us at with the following details of your group and we will contact you.
  • Number of attendees
  • Date and time requested
  • Main contact with phone number
Miniature Golf

How long has Torza's Golf been in business?
The name Torza is synonymous with golf and has been around for over 60 years.
The family has owned and operated golf driving ranges in
Hartford, Farmington, West Harford, Old Lyme, Windsor, Cromwell, and Ellington.
Torza's Golf in Cromwell, has been in business for over 30 years.
How do you pick up the balls in the winter?
We have a small team of golf ball elves. They are very tiny.
Have you heard the one about . . .
Over 30 years we have operated here in Cromwell, CT.
We have heard golf jokes and more than our share of ball puns.
But, by all means, we would love to hear it again from you.
What is your smoking policy?
No smoking in our membership area.
Please respect others and keep smoke away from non-smokers.
Please dispose of your butts in proper receptacles.
Are dogs allowed?
We love dogs as long as they are leashed and controlled by their owners.
We expect you to pick up after your dog and use designated pet relief areas.
We DO NOT allow furry friends in the membership area or inside the proshop.
Do you sell used golf balls?
We sell slightly used golf balls, from Titleist to Callaway, for the best prices in the state.
We also sell very used golf balls that can be hit anywhere else but here.
They have been hit here enough, hence we are selling them.
Do you buy used golf balls?
We buy slightly used golf balls.
They must be in decent shape free of knicks and dings.
Only management can make the decision to buy.
Please call before bringing them into the proshop. 860.632.1132
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